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Who is EFfCI ?

EFfCI is the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients – a European trade association that brings together manufacturers of synthetic and natural ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry. EFfCI crrently represents the interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe. Established in 2000, EFfCI advocates the collective interests of more than 100 cosmetic ingredients companies in Europe.

Regulation of cosmetic ingredients

Cosmetic ingredients are globally regulated by regional laws and regulations.
In the European Union, they are regulated under the Cosmetics Regulation. The Cosmetics Directive was first adopted in 1976 and has been regularly updated, with its latest update, the entry into force on July 11, 2013 of the Cosmetic Regulation.

The feature of EFfCI GMP

In 2005, the Good Manufacturing Practice Working Group elaborated the first GMP guidelines specifically adapted to cosmetic ingredients, complying with by ISO 22716. These GMP guidelines took into consideration key aspects of the guidelines used in the pharmaceutical industry and ensure quality and safety in the production of cosmetic ingredients.
The EFfCI GMP guide has obtained worldwide recognition. Certification can be obtained in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
For cosmetic ingredient suppliers to get EFfCI GMP certification, ISO 9001 ceritification is mandatory.

The followings are the features of EFfCI GMP:
EFfCI GMP requirements = ISO 9001 requirements + additional requirements (GMP requirements)
Worldwidely recognized guideline developed renowned cosmetic ingredients manufacturerers and CBs.

Additional requirements are as followings:
Infrastructure: buildings and facilities, equipment, utilities, waters
Work environment: cleaning, pest control, lighting, drainage, washing and toilet facilities
Control of Production and Service Provision: in-process blending/mixing, in-process control, equipment cleaning, records of equipment use
Identification and Traceability: traceability, inspection and test status, labeling
Preservation of Product: handling, storage, and preservation, packaging systems, delivery and distribution
Others: laboratory controls, testing and release, out-of-specification test results, retained samples, impurities, reprocessing / reworking

Purpose and Scope of EFfCI GMP guide

This guide is intended to be a baseline guide that defines the extent and point of application of fundamental good manufacturing practice (GMP) principles for cosmetic ingredient manufacture. The guide is applicable to the manufacture of cosmetic ingredients intended for use in cosmetic products. It covers the quality management systems and the extent of GMP necessary throughout the manufacturing process. It is intended to be used as international guidance to assist in determining whether the facilities and manufacturing controls used for the production of cosmetic ingredients adequately ensure that they possess the quality and purity which they purport to possess, and that they are suitable for their intended use.

Benefits of EFfCI GMP certification

Increase in Brand reliability
Acquirement of internationally recognized GMP system on cosmetic ingredients
Compliance with legal regulations, quality and safety regulations in cosmetic ingredients
Assurance of homogenous mixing of all materials
Reduction in contamination and OOS risk
Reduction in side effects affecting cosmetic products manufacturer and end-users and in legal enforcement and recall of nonconforming products

Among recognized 14 CBs over the world, KFQ is the only certification body in Korea recognized by EFfCI. We help your organization to achieve EFfCI GMP certification. By partnering with KFQ, achieve and demonstrate your business excellence.

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