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ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System

ISO 10002, Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations, is
an international standard that contains integrated thoughts of experts in customer satisfaction and complaints area from around the world.
to help organizations effectively systematize its processes and establish the optimized system to effectively receive, manage, and solve customer complaints. to provide a tool that can control customer satisfaction as performance index.
to support the integrated system with other management system such as ISO 9001.

Why do the organizations need ISO 10002

To enhance competitiveness in domestic and overseas market
To prevent existing customers’ defections, through improved customer service
To improve customer servie and increase customer rights
To effectively respond to customer inquiries on products and services diversification
To improve relationship with customers
To improve satisfaction from a customer’s viewpoint
To address increasing importance of call center worker and salesperson
To respond to intensified customer satisfaction survey on public institutes

What are the benefits of customer satisfaction management?

ISO 10002 helps organizations to establish reliable customer satisfaction management system, including following features.

Customer Satisfaction Management System Model

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