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About ISO 14001(Environmental Management System)

This standard defines the minimum requirements for the environmental management system to make it possible for all organizations to understand environmental laws and important environmental aspects and to improve continual improvement by setting and implement the environmental policy and goal. The general purpose of this standard is to put an organization’s environmental protection and prevention of pollution into practice by making a balance with socio-economic requirements according to ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ management cycle model.

Necessity of introducing Environmental Management System

Possibility of an organization abiding by environment laws that should be observed by an organization and actively coping with ever-intensifying legal regulation
Intensification of corporate competitiveness through energy saving, decrease in waste, and reduction in usage of raw materials, etc.
Construction of capabilities to actively cope with the administrative authorities’ & international environmental regulations
Development of eco-friendly goods & services and support of eco-friendly marketing, purchase & production system
Construction of system that makes it possible for an organization to effectively cope with the concern and pressure of customers, employees, and the interested party of environment
Performance of our generation’s role not to impose environmental burden on the future generation

Certification Effect

Certification Effect
Selection of Competitive Dominance
Reduction in Environmental Cost
Formation of desirable relationship with the interested party
Value augmentation of stockholders and investors

Composition of Standard Requirements

Environmental Management System Model

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