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What is ISO 29990/29991

ISO 29990 is the first international standard for learning service providers (LSPs) in non-formal education, training and development. It was developed by ISO/TC 232 and provides a framework for design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development termed as Learning Services. The ISO 29990 Standard lays down basic requirements for LSPs for the purpose of certification, providing model for quality professional practice and performance for learning services, and guiding organizations or individuals for selection of learning service providers who can meet their requirements and expectations for competency and capability development. ISO 29991 published in March 2014 is the first specialized standard in language learning services outside formal education. It was developed for 4 years with 27 countries and international institute (e.g. EAQUALS) and reflects common and agreed criteria derived from each countries and associations. The purpose of this standard is:
to improve transparency and enhance the credibility of the language learning services market. to protect consumers by preventing prejudicial practices. to improve the quality of language learning for all interested parties.

ISO 29990/29991 Model

ISO29990 provides the optimum learning service management system which does continued improvement by adequately reflecting and evaluating the interested party’s needs ranging from learning service design to its provision through requirements for LSP-led learning service and management.

ISO 29991 model

What are the benefits of ISO 29990/29991 ?

Internally/externally recognized as global learning service provider
Increase competitiveness through enhancing quality of learning service
Optimize business processes and maximize its effectiveness
Ensure business continuity via financial and risk management

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