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What is ISO 39001 ?

About 1.3 million people around the globe die each year as a result of road traffic crashes, and more than 20 million people injured. This is unacceptably high. Road traffic became a global issue.
To improve global road safety, WHO in cooperation with the United Nations set up the UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) started to address global road safety issues in depth. To remove serious road traffic incident, policy establishment and activities of international organizations and developed countries has recently been made.
In the meantime, Sweden, known as strong country for standardization, took initiative to publish “Road Traffic Safety Management System” (hereinafter referred to as RTS Management System).
In 2008, ISO/TC 241 consisting of 28 participating countries and 18 observing countries was made, and finally developed and published international standard for RTS Management System – ISO 39001

UN strongly recommends adoption of RTS Management System

UNRSC set up global project “the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020)” which is to reduce 5 million people of traffic fatalities over the decade around the globe.
UNRSC set up 5 pillars for the global project, and first pillar of them is Road Safety management, in which ISO 39001 was highly recommended as nationwide activity.

RTS Requirements

ISO 39001 requires organizations to set up RTS performance factors which focus on existing problem and solution on road traffic safety. RTS performance factors consists of risk exposure factor, final safety outcome factor and intermediate safety outcome factor. By identifying and analyzing them, organization can determine relevant road traffic safety policy in line with its environment.

Why consider adopting ISO 39001?

Traffic crashes within work hour is loss of business opportunity and result in credential relationship with customer > ISO 39001 prevent it in advance and reduce business loss risk.
Complies with national law and takes preventive response
Identifies interaction between high risky examples within organization
takes holistic system approach on road safety control within organization

Benefits of ISO 39001 certification

Achievement of organizational safety and social responsibility
Demonstration of organizations effort for safety to interested parties
Enhancement of work efficiency through management system
Set up robust framework to identify and mitigate risk
Cost reduction via improved efficiency
Less insurance fee by reducing incidents
PR as certified organization to ISO 39001
Highlighting safety awareness and responsibility to customers when going overseas market


ISO 39001 is applicable to any organization wanting :
to improve road traffic safety performance
to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve RTS management system
to establish compliance of RTS policy within organization
to demonstrate compliance between organizations RTS policy and international standard
Examples of applicable organization

  1.      1. Organization related to passenger and delivery of freight (Bus, Taxi, fleets, rent car)
  2.      2. Insurance company
  3.      3. Authorities related to road traffic law and regulations
  4.      4. Organization related to road design, construction, operation, maintenance
  5.      5. Organization using car in case of distribution, sales, commute
              (factory, warehouse, distribution service, finance service)
  6.      6. Organization related to design and operation of transportation (parking lot designㆍmaintenance company)
  7.      7. Organization related to design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection of car and car components
  8.      8. Organization related to emergency (first aid institution, hospital and so on)
By implementing ISO 39001, your organization is able to reduce human and economic loss and to achieve social responsibility contributing to national safe traffic culture

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