Management System Certification Field

About ISO 50001(Energy Management System: EnMS)Certification System

Energy Management System is the standardized system of energy management which can make it possible to promote energy efficiency improvement activity in a company-wide & consistent way by constructing an integrated, systematic management strategy for an organization to reduce cost in an international standard established in June, 2011. Implementation of this standard can reduce GHG emissions , energy cost and other related environmental impact through systematic energy management.

Necessity of introducing Energy Management System

Energy Management System is an applicable standard which is applicable to all forms & sizes of organizations(large, medium &small Enterprises). - It’s available for a company’s energy efficiency improvement as a core means.
- Response to laws & regulations related to GHG reduction and energy efficiency
- Consistent improvement of energy performance through energy management
- Reforming of the constitution of business and an organization

Certification Effect

Energy Management System is a core means of improving energy efficiency in an organization. - Realization of Energy Cost through Improvement of Energy Performance
- Promotion of business improvement by dissolving exorbitance, waste and fluctuations, etc. by visualizing energy use & efficiency
- Reduction in GHG and preparation for CERs Trading by grasping energy   use quantitatively
- Acceleration of Energy Management Activity throughout the whole process of Purchase and Design-Operation & Management
- Expansion of business opportunity through gaining confidence for the interested party and improving corporate   image

Energy Management System Model

Energy Management System is based on the continuous improvement system of Plan-Do-Check-Act(PDCA).

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