Management System Certification Field

Outline of KFQ 9004 Evaluation System

- Evaluation System which evaluate an organization’s management system implementation result quantitatively
- 5-stage Quantification of Capability Level of an organization’s management system according to 26 elements in all
- Evaluation System in terms of Sustained Success(Result of an Organization’s capability of achieving & maintaining goals in a long term )
- Utilization of this Evaluation System as a Stepping Stone towards Total Quality Management
- Possibility of spreading this system throughout an organization based on quality management principle.
- Concept of preliminary analysis for setting up quality management medium & long term developmental plan
- Application of this system as a tool for grasping the opportunity for decision on capability level, strong point, and improvement /innovation
- Natural integration with Business Excellence Model through sustained application
- One-shot evaluation service on request of an organization as an evaluation system other than a certification system

Object for evaluation application - An organization in possession of quality management system(ISO 9001) based on process-oriented system
- An organization intending to improve quality management system on the basis of the evaluation result based on quantitative evaluation criteria

KFQ 9004 Expected Effect

KFQ 9004 Evaluation Process

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