Management System Certification Field

About Green Management System Certification System(GMS)

GMS is intended for systematically managing green management aspects related organization Activities or product and services as a part of an organizational management which is applied to an organization’s development & execution of green management policy and management of green management aspects.

Necessity of introducing Green Management System

The green management system standard is intended for support of an organization so that it can achieve green growth by providing effective green management system elements that can integrate other management requirements.

Certification Effect

It’s possible to get diverse effects from the standard of Green Management System, such as cost cut for green growth, efficiency improvement and alleviation of environment impact, etc. - Construction of the effective, efficient system for Green Growth
- Understanding of Requirements and Execution of value-added Process
- Cost cut, efficiency improvement and alleviation of environmental impact for Green Growth
- Inducing the personnel working for an organization or working on behalf of an organization to enhance understanding of green management or to participate in green management
- Achievement of effective, practical green management performance and management of performance indicator
- Continuous Improvement of Process Performance & Effectiveness
- Improvement in communication in & out of an organization
- Enhancement of relationship between a customer and a supplier

Composition of Standard Requirements

Green Management System is the one which additionally defines requirements needed for Green Growth.

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