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About OHSAS 18001(Safety & Health Management System) Certification System

OHSAS 18001 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System developed by the necessity of systematic approach in order to overcome the limit of technical safety management ( safety measures like protective device, etc.)and continuously reduce problems in safety & health.
The purpose of this system is to block or minimize the occurrence of accidents through the continuous grasping of harmful, dangerous factors in safety & health and risk management, to abide by laws, and achieve safe, healthy work environment development through improvement of performance in general safety & health, and thereby to pursue satisfaction of customers and the interested parties.

Necessity of Introduction of Safety & Health Management System and its Certification Effect

Active Response to International Trend
- Transfer from the government-led safety-health system to organized to the self-management system
- Promotion of Stability in the labor-management relationship
- Continual rise in pressure by International Pressure groups, such as ILO, etc.
Safety & Health Aspects
- Protection Life and Property from Accidents
- Continual Decrease in an ever-present Risk
Financial Aspects
- Decrease in Occupational Safety & Health Insurance rate: Construction of Confidence from banks and insurance companies
- Wiping out of social, regional, national crisis, such as deaths and severe injuries, etc. due to a fire, explosion and outflow, etc
- Provision of stability in investment to the interested party and response to social pressure
Response to Social Pressure
- Response to the increase in needs of the general public
- Wiping out of social distrust in safety accidents
Strengthening of Laws and Regulations
- Active response to home& overseas laws an regulations
- Reinforced Monitoring of an International labor world

Composition of Standard Requirements

Safety &Health Management System Model

Comparison with other Management Systems

Classification ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
Standard Character Quality Management System Environment Management System Safety& Health Management System
Goal Customer Satisfaction The Interested Party Satisfaction(Mostly outside) The Interested Party Satisfaction(Mostly inside)
Object for Management Product or Service Product or Service by-product Condition of workplace, Workers’ Behavior

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