Government-aided education

Introduction of Program
 Core work ability enhancement for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is a government-aided training program for employees in SMEs to boost their competitiveness and enhance product quality by improving their core work abilities and fostering talents.
Quality Management Sector
01. Fault prediction and preventive quality control clinic with FMEA
02. SME-oriented APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) works
03. SME-oriented MSA&SPC (Measuring System Analysis & Statistical Process Control) works
04. Creative solution for reducing any waste on site
05. Improving preventive quality control to reduce quality risk on site
06. Coaching program for enhancing workers’ awareness about quality
07. Fostering quality innovator for sustainable quality improvement
08. Improvement technology using 8 Discipline Report for hidden champion enterprises
09. Optimizing works in product design for enhancing ability to develop product
Production Management Sector
01. One-stop solution handling from fairness issue to standardization
02. Zero Incident!!! Practices for site safety
03. Production Doctor!! Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) for enhancing production efficiency
04. Fostering experts for site improvement through a spontaneous research team
Subject of Program
-Owner or employee of an enterprise that registers on employment insurance and pays its insurance premium, and is designated as a preferential support subject according to Article 12 of Enforcement Ordinance of Employment Insurance Act.
- Preferential-support enterprise
· Mining: less than 300 employees
· Manufacturing: less than 500 employees
· Construction: less than 300 employees
· Transportation ∙ Warehouse & Telecommunication: less than 300 employees
· Industries excepting the 1st and 4th industry groups: less than 199 employees
Details of Support
- All training programs are free. (two courses per worker a year, but not the same course twice)
- Free textbook and workbook
- Free lunch
- Issuance of certificate (for those who completes this course)
- Offering souvenir to excellent trainee
- Support customized workshop for dealing with quality issue
Procedure of Application

*This program is a government-aided project supported by “Ministry of Employment and Labor” and “Human Resources Development Service of Korea”.

Person in charge: KIM Young-goo, manager of the KFQ(Tel. 02-2025-9082, E-mail: