e-Poster Outline
  e-Poster is a tool for learning and publicity targeting executives and employees in the company, visitors, and general public, etc.. , and it was completed into the form of educational curriculum by combining various materials of contents. Materials of e-Poster is manufacture by processing the quotations, which were introduced to this company’s copywriting and global opinion, into comics or illust form through an expert illust author , thus making it possible for anyone to use it easily and interestingly.
Expected Effect
  Learners can feel the dignity and specificity from the education using e-Poster, which cannot be felt from the existing instructor-led , cramming method of education. Actually, according to the research results by ‘Illinois State University’, US, in 6 months after using e-Posters, the relevant companies achieved 10% improvement in their productivity, 16% increase in employee satisfaction and creativity and idea proposal have improved by more than 10%. Like this, it is learned that e-Poster brings on not only employee satisfaction but also very big educational effectiveness.
Introduction of Contents
1. Curriculum
  It’s possible to draw interest and curiosity by posting up the Poster published every week at a designated position using an exclusive frame. Curriculum is composed of 26 weeks in all (once a week), which is provided together with A4,A3,A2,A1 size of an exclusive frame. Curriculum is manufactured by collecting a client company’s requirements, and it’s possible to insert corporate CI(Corporate Identity), Modifications of Text contents, and new manufacturing.
Manufacturing Process
Content of Curriculum
1. GHG and Global Warming 2. Eco-friendly Energy Saving 3. Personnel Development 1_ HRM
4. Personnel Management 3_HRM 5. Quality Management at a Manufacturing Business 6. Creative Improvement P
7. Safety & Health Practical Business 8. Rule of Safety & Health 9. Food Sanitation and Food Safety
10. Automobile Quality Management 11. Visual 3 Jeong 5S 12. Following 3 Jeong and 5S
2. Place for Application
– Training and Publicity by posting up Posters at a place which is always busy with people
- Publicity using displays or easel in time of various event, such as exhibitions and fairs, etc.
3. e-Poster
 It’s possible to maximize the educational & promotional effect by showing videos on the relevant curriculum using LCD Monitor, Digital album and Displays for Ad, etc.