Strong point in Overseas Training

Characteristic of Overseas Training

- Response to a Client Company Needs
  Provision of a client company’s customized benchmarking through the survey and arrangement of the best practice which is the source of competitiveness on the basis of various hands-on background and far-reaching network.
- Professionalism of Training
  Training progress of high standard by local expert consultant and persons in charge of a target country(by training theme)and training progress by expert members in possession of specialized consulting experience and expertise by each theme
- Support of Training
  Flawless training support system operation ranging from local real-time support through global network by each region to follow-up consulting through the pre/post feedback including feedback on general training progress
- Economic Feasibility
  Giving the training opportunity to more employees through optimal training expense and the best fixed budget and pursuit of the best economic feasibility through a corporate competitiveness boost and participants’ mind innovation
- Feedback
 Preparation of after-training result report through comprehensive evaluation, such as training process, improvement, and proposal, etc. and provision of consulting and data for continued improvement after the training session

Overseas Training Process

Customized Overseas Training

Characteristic of Customized Overseas Training

Method of Customized Overseas Training Progress