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In 21st century, an organization or country that fulfills international standard in advance can dominate and lead a market.
Korean Foundation for Quality (KFQ) was established as the first certification body of Republic of Korea in 1993, in order to support our industries’ competitiveness. The KFQ has led certification of management system in all the industries home and abroad like quality, environment, safety, energy, IT and food, etc.

The KFQ has suggested an approach model which is appropriate to each organization, in order for the organization to develop through this global standard. We have developed and promoted various and differentiated training programs for fostering required talents.

In addition, the KFQ was assigned as a verification body of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project by the UN IN 2005, to deal with global standards for our multilateral issue, the global warming. We have supported low carbon green growth of our industries by implementing assessment and verification of domestic and overseas CDM project, registration assessment on greenhouse gases (GHG) emission facility, verification on the amount of GHG emission and GHG-related education and national policy task, etc.

On behalf of all the executives and employees of the KFQ, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to trust and encouragement our clients give. We will put our all efforts to become a global institute for management quality, by taking ethics, reliability and transparency as out top values.

Thank you.